Why You Can't Generate New Leads (Your Brokerage Isn't Helping)

Why You Can't Generate New Leads (Your Brokerage Isn't Helping)
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Brand building is important, but you knew that.

Your brand demonstrates who you are, the quality you offer, and the satisfaction you bring your clients. You may think using your brokerage's brand in place of your own is just as effective, but you’d be wrong.

The best agents have personal branding separate from their brokerage because they know uniqueness counts.

Your personal brand should convey who you are as an individual agent, not just your brokerage. Marketing yourself underneath your own banner is a powerful statement, and if done correctly saves you money and nets you much more in return. Your individual brand, separate from your brokerage, has the power to set you apart unlike anything else.

You are your brand. It takes a lot of time to build that brand, and only takes seconds to destroy it. Your clients have only so much time and money, and they’re definitely not spending it on a sub-par agent. Find a way to show you’re successful, and they know that success will transfer over to them, as well.

How do you do this? Through a stellar website that complements your brand.

Half the battle is getting your foot in the door. What's the most effective way to do that? A website that’s easy to find, easy to use, and shows you’re effective in what you do. Doing that gets through to any demographic, in any region.

Take a look at your brand. Where do you stand right now? If you're not doing everything needed to get ahead day-in and day-out, you will fall behind. In a cutthroat real estate industry, without an outstanding website? You’re dead in the water. Taking the necessary steps towards making a difference in your real estate agent branding is how you win and win big.

Your branding exemplifies everything you are. Your individual agent brand needs to show that you get the job done. Do that in a fun, intuitive way that makes people enjoy interacting with you, even when it's not "you," builds your brand extremely well. Your website distils that into something accessible, intuitive, and useful, and puts your business ahead.

Need proof? Take to Google and see what you find. Chances are you’ll see plenty of bad realtor websites you can’t wait to leave.

Do you enjoy using your own website? Is it fast? Visually appealing? Is there a clear direction of where you should go, which road the client should take to their dream home? What sets your website apart isn’t a listing explosion with tons of pictures, features, gimmicks, and text splattered across the page. What sets your website apart is the story it tells.

A story with no chapters, no paragraphs, and no punctuation isn’t a story at all. Sure, maybe something’s there, but your audience sure doesn’t know where. If your website is a smattering of words, images, and links drawing your attention in 100 directions at once, leading you in circles without getting anywhere, is it building your brand? Does it put your potential clients at ease? Is it comfortable to use? Does it make you feel safe? If your website conveys none of these feelings, do you?

Effective brand building starts with your website.

In a constantly distracted, disjointed world, consistency and trust stand out. A website that looks great and works great is a lead generating behemoth that breathes new life into your marketing, and strengthens your all-so-important individual real estate agent, brand building efforts.

It's easy to fall into the trap of thinking your brokerage's branding is enough, that it works and it's safe and there's no point in establishing your own. That’s nonsense, not because your brokerage's branding isn't done well, but because it's not yours. If you're not capitalizing on your own brand, you're not building your own authority, and you're getting left behind.

Building your personal real estate agent brand does wonders for your business. Building a fantastic website that shows off that brand amplifies it 100x.

Remember, your brand is built one day at a time, one client at a time, one click. scroll. and link. at. a. time.

What’s better than a website that does that for you?

Posted & written by Colin Gillespie on May 16th 2016
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