Why Automating Social Media Makes Sense

Why Automating Social Media Makes Sense
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  • Automating social media means putting in the work now so you don't have to later.
  • A good mix of curated content and your own voice keeps your social media fresh, interesting, and true to you.
  • Automation creates consistency. Consistency builds trust.

How to get the most from your social media marketing without detracting from the rest of your real estate business? Sure, you could outsource, though it may cost you.

A healthy social media presence is crucial, and keeping all your accounts active, up to date, and accurate is a must. The problem is time. For those who don’t always have time, or don't have time every week to schedule social media still need it.

What if you didn't have to spend significant time on social media every week? Of course, there’s no magic pill that’ll make all your social media responsibilities go away. However, there is a way to ease the burden. How?


Here’s the thing: yea, your social media marketing can get stale if you’re not careful. Originality can be a tall order, but good content attracts followers. Keep them interested so they can't tune you out.

The secret? Finding the balance between 1) good curated content that interests your audience and 2) good info that comes from you, whether it be an inspiring message, a hot listing, or something else you think the people should hear. Everything should blend together into something that is still you, without having you always there to manage it. Think of it as an autopilot that needs correcting here or there. Automating your social media doesn't mean you'll never touch the wheel again; it's more like you can text without worrying about driving off the road.

Does automating your social media work? It does, it just takes a bit of planning to come up with a content schedule that works, and finding the content to fill it.

Make It Count.

Your end goal shouldn’t just be you trying to be the loudest voice in the room. You should be building the trust that comes with a record of consistency. Create consistency without having to be consistent yourself, and you’ve found the key to success. You’re building a name for yourself online that casts a much wider net than you realize. That’s a good thing, if you manage it well.

It all comes down to good management. There’s no good automating your social media marketing if you’re not putting in the work beforehand. Automation doesn’t mean pressing a few buttons and calling it a day. What you’re doing is trading time now for time down the road. You’re busy now, but later you're free from the social media grind to focus on more important things.

Curate content that inspires, intrigues, and adds value to your audience’s lives. Empathy, strategic planning, and consistency is how you build a following online that turns into a lead generating machine. Make the most of your social media with automation.

Posted & written by Colin Gillespie on June 17th 2016
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