The Power of Building an Irresistibly Beautiful Realtor Website

The Power of Building an Irresistibly Beautiful Realtor Website
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What’s the best real estate marketing tool? There’s so many different avenues to go down, but there’s only one that makes TOTAL sense in today’s real estate landscape.

Nowadays, your website is as much a part of your business as you are. Not only does your website have to look great, but it has to work just right, too. Really, it matters. A beautiful website means beautiful design, and beautiful design means the people who come to your website turn into willing clients. Beauty must go further than skin deep to last, but when you do it right it’s worth every penny.

Go ahead, spend all the money you want on SEO. Manipulate facebook ads all day to increase your chances of success by a fraction of an inch. While you’re at it, plop a map and other widgets onto your webpage and call it a day. But think about this: does any of that matter if the website you direct your customers to, the very real part of your business and your reputation, isn't up to par on a fundamental level?

Most people’s interactions with businesses nowadays take place in the online marketplace. The digital storefront has taken over the physical one, and that’s brought a different aspect to the industry that many realtors just aren’t prepared for. Today, the best real estate agent websites doesn't just require up-to-date information, they require engaging interacts to turn visitors into customers.

As a realtor, you know true engagement takes lot of practice to command at will, and is a skill that forms the basis of a lot of your day to day interaction with your customers. Taking that skill and translating it into a website that works has to be done in just the right way or you’ll lose the customer forever. It’s true, a great experience guarantees a return trip by the client. That's the power of both superb sales skills and a killer website.

How do you knock em’ dead? Functional design that “works,” no matter the device, browser, or location.

Just like you physically need to be where your customers are, you digitally need to be where your customers are as well. That’s your website, where all it takes is some prime digital real estate and you’re in business.

Build your digital storefront upon the foundation of a great online experience that reflects the kind of work that you do. That experience is the proof that you get the job done, that you have what it takes to find or sell their home and move onto a better fit, and that it’s easy. No matter the situation, your customers will leave satisfied with every online interaction. That’s the power of a great realtor website.

Even though you may not interact face to face with every client who stumbles upon your website, you’re still representing yourself in a way that demonstrates who it is that’s behind your business. It's a living, breathing monument to the service you provide, the quality of your service, and the success that you generate. It’s social proof, a welcoming handshake and a digital landmark, wrapped up into a slick bundle accessible to anyone and everyone who wants to get to know you.

That's creating an irresistibly beautiful realtor website, and that's something you must have, and can have, for yourself.

Posted & written by Colin Gillespie on July 14th 2016
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