The Best Live Video Streaming For Realtors

The Best Live Video Streaming For Realtors
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  • The live streaming era is upon us, with Facebook live video and Periscope leading the way.
  • Periscope, owned by Twitter, focuses more on broadcasting towards a large audience. While not as targeted as Facebook, the app works very well on mobile devices.
  • Facebook’s low barrier to entry and huge user-base may give it the slight edge over Periscope.

Showing properties to a wide audience has never been easier, and with the live video broadcasting era dawning upon us, real estate professionals are left with just one little question: Periscope, or Facebook?

Both have their strengths and weaknesses, but for most Realtors there's only one worth using. The question is which one, and why?


Want to broadcast to anyone and everyone? Periscope is where it's at. Since you’re broadcasting to everyone in the world, not just a group you’ve picked yourself, the service can feel more impersonal at times. While this can lead to large exposure, there’s no guarantee it’s from the right audience.

Interacting with viewers on Periscope is different from Facebook live video in that you’re using the entire screen for video, and comments appear on top of that video during the broadcast. Viewers are also not limited in the amount of “hearts” they can give you, so they’re able to reward your videos with more than a Like.

On Periscope, video from your broadcasts is only available for 24 hours afterward. With that, even though Twitter owns and operates Periscope, the Periscope app is separate from the Twitter app, which is one more barrier to entry that Facebook doesn’t have.

There’s not much more interaction that takes place between broadcasters and the audience that doesn’t take place during the live streaming, which stays true to the “live” aspect of the service. With that, after 24 hours your broadcast is no longer available to stream, but every broadcast is available for the broadcaster to download to their phone if need be.


Facebook live video may be fairly new, but it’s already turned into an incredible outlet for real estate business owners. Unlike Periscope, Facebook gives your viewers a chance to replay videos forever as opposed to just 24 hours after the broadcast. Facebook also alerts people who are connected to you when you’re broadcasting, which means you don’t have to.

Facebook live video doesn’t take up the entire screen like Periscope does, but still allows comments to appear in real-time, just underneath the video. This also allows for you to interact with viewers beyond the broadcast, which can be helpful for answering questions or interacting with viewers without having to make time to do so during the broadcast. As with everything else you post on Facebook, people are able to like and comment on your video just like everything else you post on your page, turning your live broadcast into a video just like any other you’d post in the past.

The Verdict

Both services are very similar in what they do, but very different in how they do it.

That said, it really comes down to you.

If you’re very active on Facebook and have a good following there, you’re better off going where your clients are. If you’re more active on Twitter and don’t use Facebook much, Periscope may be better suited for you.

If you’re still unsure or just getting into using both Twitter and Facebook, your best bet is to go with Facebook live video for the simple fact that it’s much easier to use for viewers who don’t know what Periscope is or don’t want to download another application to use it. Facebook has the advantage of already having an established service, which means it’ll be more readily available to more people right away.

Fewer barriers to entry mean more viewers get to see your properties.

Posted & written by Colin Gillespie on June 1st 2016
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