The 24-Point Checklist: Facebook Marketing For Realtors

The 24-Point Checklist: Facebook Marketing For Realtors
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Facebook is an amazing tool for lead generation and staying in touch with clients, if done correctly. Here are 24 rules to follow to make the most of your Facebook marketing.

1. Be active.

If you're using Facebook for real estate lead-generation, stay active on your page. Change your cover photo at regular intervals. Respond to comments right away.

Most of all, keep your real estate business info up to date. Staying on top of the small things shows you’re paying attention.

2. Be consistent.

Posting regularly leads to the ultimate goal of more conversions.

3. Be professional.

Use a business page, not your personal profile. Business pages make interacting with clients easier because of the available marketing features.

4. Be searchable.

On your personal Facebook profile, make your relevant info available to search. Visitors to your real estate business page can have a better sense of who you are, building trust.

5. Be welcoming.

Keep everything on your Facebook page as friendly and welcoming as possible. Stay in touch with clients who already know you, as well as giving those who don’t a path towards doing so.

6. Be positive.

Make sure you’re keeping your real estate Facebook page positive. Make your page a glowing example of your trustworthiness and dedication to your customers.

7. Be an expert.

Show clients that you are there for them, and that your services will help get them what they want. Show you are a great source of information for buyers and sellers.

8. Be a success story.

Show the successes of you, your real estate team, and your clients through pictures and video.

9. Be focused.

Make sure you’re focused on the customer, not just yourself.

Focus on a specific real estate niche so you can run better-targeted ads and content, leading to more conversions.

10. Be direct.

Your Facebook marketing needs direction. Everything you do is to generate leads for your real estate business, and that’s it.

11. Be minimal.

Make everything count. If something on there isn’t helping you generate leads, get rid of it.

12. Be helpful.

Everyone has questions needing answers. Provide answers before the questions are asked.

13. Be wise.

Offer helpful advice specific to your real estate niche, such as a guide to moving, decorating, or buying a new home.

14. Be valuable.

Focus on creating quality content that interests people and pulls them towards you. Add value, inspire people, and you’ll find success.

15. Be variable.

Mix it up. That means posting a variety of pictures, video, text, and links.

16. Be specific.

Focus on targeting the most specific real estate niche that you can.

If you focus on upscale home sales, post pictures and video of the most picturesque homes you can find. Make sure everything you post revolves around your niche.

17. Be personal.

Everything you post should come from you. If you’re outsourcing your Facebook marketing with no input from you, you're sacrificing effectiveness.

18. Be eye-catching.

Everything that you post should have a video or an image attached to it. You should also include a strong call to action, even for something as simple as a tutorial on, say, hanging blinds.

19. Be marketable.

Don’t be afraid to sell yourself every now and again, too. Mix in testimonials and listings to show that you are trustworthy and providing value.

20. Be reader-friendly.

Break your posts up into digestible chunks so your visitors can get through them.

21. Be funny.

Show your love for real estate. Humor is one of the greatest communicators.

22. Be relevant.

Although you want engaging posts, don't go for engagement. Focus on relevance, especially to your real estate niche and your customers.

23. Be targeted.

Remember, not every “like” is equal. Don’t waste your time getting everyone that you know to “like” your page. You only want the “likes” of the people you want business from, not your next-door neighbors.

24. Be local.

As a realtor, you’ve got your thumb on the pulse of the community. Keeping people up to date on local events, facts or other interesting tidbits shows you're involved and care about the people you serve.

Posted & written by Kyle Draper on March 30th 2016
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