Ten Things To Try Before Quitting Real Estate

Ten Things To Try Before Quitting Real Estate
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Remember when real estate was exciting, a boss-less land of freedom, with work hours left completely up to you? Remember the stress of test day, the anxiety clawing at your insides, ready to burst from your chest like the creature from Alien? Remember the thrill of the first close? Of finishing what you started? The future was bright, and so were you, the newly-minted realtor.

And we come to today. Like many new ventures, things don’t always turn out as expected. Before you throw in the towel, here are ten things you can try before officially giving up on the dream.

# 1 Take a Break

To make money in real estate, you have to sell real estate. At the end of the day, if you’re not bringing home the bacon, you will not survive. You won’t believe it, but something you can do to improve your sales technique is actually taking a month or two off from selling anything at all.

Reverse engineer the process of selling a home. Start with the goal of completing the sale, and work backwards from there. Where did they first begin their search? Why did they want to buy a home in the first place? Taking time off from your normal sales routine will give you a fresh perspective on providing value, versus seeking a commission check.

# 2 Find a New Brokerage

Environment is everything. If you try to start a fire in a vacuum deprived of oxygen, the fire will never ignite. In real estate, your brokerage is your environment. If they aren’t providing you with the tools you need to grow, it’s time to find a new one. EXP Realty is an example of a forward thinking real estate company that focuses on the agent. Their cloud based tools and fair commission splits have made them a top choice for many real estate agents.

Whatever company you choose, make sure they’re a good fit. It’s ok to interview half a dozen or more before making your final choice.

# 3 Take a Team-Centric Approach

Ever hear the phrase, “Two heads are better than one?” It’s no secret that we all have different strengths. Taking a team approach to selling real estate allows you to use those strengths, and keeps you from succumbing to your weaknesses.

It’s no longer about becoming a well-balanced person, it’s about building a well-balanced team. The team approach insures that you don’t spread yourself too thin, as each member can trade-off carrying the load, keeping your legs fresh for the long-haul.

# 4 Shadow a Rock Star

Success leaves clues. If you want to achieve a certain level of success, find someone who’s crushing it and follow them around. If you do what they do, you should get similar results, but don’t copy them exactly. Pick up clues from what they’re doing, and then execute the strategy with your own personality. You may also be surprised to find most successful people love to share tips and best practices.

# 5 New Branding? New Branding!

If the logo you’re using was drawn on a coffee shop napkin and scanned into Microsoft Paint, it is time for some new branding. You may think rebranding your business is super expensive, but with websites like 99Designs and Fiverr, branding packages go for as low as $5!

Today, effective visual marketing is critical. That being said, it’s been more than enough time. Destroy your 1980s glamour shot, and get new head shots. A modern branding package will give you confidence when meeting a new client, and could help you close the deal.

# 6 Build a New Website, But Beware!

If you’re someone who likes to roll up their sleeves and dig into a messy project, you may need to save yourself, from yourself. Unless you’re a tech wiz, do not try doing a website on your own. Even if you are a tech genius, make sure you get the opinion of others before publishing your new site. Statistically speaking, you have less than seven seconds to grab someone’s attention on your website.

Remember: it’s not about what you like. Converting a visitor into a client is the goal. Approach it as such.

# 7 Optimize Your Social Media

Social media drives word-of-mouth marketing. If you’re not active on social media, you’re irrelevant. If you do use social media, but all you do is ask for business or share listings, you’re just background noise. A successful salesperson knows it’s not all about them, which means you must share content on social media that is valuable to your target audience. It must be authentic. It must be consistent. There is simply no better platform for engaging with potential clients than social media, but make sure what you share is not always about you.

# 8 Attend Events!

Get out in your community! This is a great way to meet new people and get involved in what’s happening in your city. Check with your local chamber of commerce for networking meetings and other events in your area. Once you’ve built a small network, try collaborating with a few vendors to host an event of your own. Capitalize on every holiday with an event aimed at adding value to families. You may not have 500 people show up, but it only takes one client to cause a revival of growth in your real estate business.

# 9 Take Advantage of Email Marketing

Your database isn’t just valuable, it’s gold. Pure gold. Your audience is sitting there, asking for attention. Guess what, it’s time to give them something worthwhile! Try a new email campaign that isn’t focused on selling real estate but instead focuses on adding value. Give them something they’re actually interested in reading, as well as a good reason to click on the link. It could be an invitation to an event, or an interesting article that’ll help them in their home buying experience. Whatever it is, the goal is to stay in contact with the people who know you. There’s no guarantee they will call you when it’s time to buy or sell, but it certainly doesn’t hurt your chances.

# 10 Seek Niche Markets

You don’t need everyone, but you do need someone. If your approach to lead generation means targeting the entire world, you may want to try narrowing down.

Choose a niche market you are passionate about, and devote yourself to becoming a master of knowledge in that area. Examples of niche markets include military, relocations, empty nesters, first time homebuyers, etc. If you hear of a new company opening a branch in your city, contact their HR department on how you can get involved in helping their employees find housing. The list of niche markets is endless, and is only limited by your imagination.

There’s still so much you can try before waving the white flag. Give these tips a go, or if you have another to add to the list, we’d love to hear from you!

Posted & written by Ryan Wells on January 4th 2016
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