Quick Guide: The Top 5 Gmail Extensions For Realtors

Quick Guide: The Top 5 Gmail Extensions For Realtors
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The best real estate agents use their inboxes wisely. Here are 5 additions to Gmail that’ll help turn your productivity drain into a productivity gain.

1 - Boomerang

The Highlights:

  • Schedule messages to be sent in the future.
  • Postpone emails from your inbox.
  • Receive alerts for messages you forget to reply to.

Wish you could email that client later in the day? Read an email you wish you could deal with later? Boomerang allows you to create messages to be sent later, even if you are not online. With email scheduling, you can write a message to be sent hours, days, or weeks from now. Great for realtors with a busy day ahead.

Have an email you wish you didn’t see just yet? Have Boomerang take it back for you to see later. See all of your messages when you are ready for them.

2 - Checker Plus For Gmail

The Highlights:

  • Manage all of your email accounts at once.
  • Get desktop and browser notifications for new messages.
  • Read, listen, or delete emails without having your Gmail inbox open.

Realtors, never open your Gmail again! On the Chrome web browser, Checker Plus For Gmail is the best way to check for new messages. Whenever you receive a new message, Checker Plus sends you a notification with the title, sender, and subject line. Along with that, you can click a button to instantly access your mail without having to actually open Gmail. For those of you who are guilty of procrastinating with email, this may be a good way to break the habit.

3 - Gemelius

The Highlights:

  • Completely overhaul the look and feel of gmail for better productivity.
  • Email scheduling, integrated to-do lists, and convert emails into Google calendar events.
  • Cut down on writing emails with templates and #hashtags.

Gemelius creates the most productive inbox imaginable. Overwhelmed with emails from buyers, sellers, and agents? Make sorting, organizing, and responding to messages easier than ever. Schedule messages to be sent at a later time, turn messages into to-do lists, or even turn an email into a Google calendar event. Give your clients the impression that their realtor is working for them around the clock, or just have more time to get your most important tasks done.

4 - Full Contact

The Highlights:

  • See all available information on your contacts, all in once place.
  • Remember more about your contacts with photos, social profiles, job titles, and notes.
  • Save time hunting around for contact information.

Can’t quite put a face to a name? Wish you knew more about a client? Full Contact gives you everything you need to know about your contacts, all in one place. Once added to Gmail, Full Contact brings all of your contact information together for each individual, including picture, email and street addresses, phone numbers, job titles, and so much more. Never be left wondering who you are talking to ever again.

5 - Todoist for Gmail

The Highlights:

  • Save emails as tasks in Gmail.
  • Set priority levels with different tasks.
  • Access your to-do list from any device.

Finally, nothing makes for a more productive realtor than a good to-do list. With Todoist for Gmail, get more done with your time. Save emails as tasks in gmail, give each “to-do” a due date and priority level, and best of all, access your to-do list from any device. Stop writing your to-do list out by hand, and never lose one again.

Have anything we should add to the list? Let us know in the comments!

Posted & written by Brad Storck on January 25th 2016
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