How You Can Get Better Leads, The Right Way

How You Can Get Better Leads, The Right Way
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A real estate website can do one of two things: engage people, or entrap them.

Entrapment is all about capturing leads without discretion, without worries about quality or care for where those leads came from.

Who cares who they are, what they need or what I can actually do for them. I just want their info so I can hound them until maybe they change their mind. Then maybe, just maybe this time it’ll be a quality lead. That’ll make up for all the wasted time calling lukewarm leads who just weren’t interested, right?

Those using this approach aren’t completely honest with themselves. Convinced they’re doing well because they always have more leads to call, these realtors refuse to realize those “leads” are colder. Than. Ice.

Engagement is the exact opposite.

Generating interactions that are creative, informative and helpful, and assist in the vetting process of your customers (letting you 100% know this is someone you should spend your time getting to know) narrows the pool to those actually interested. Then, through natural interaction with your website, they are encouraged to reach out to you. That sounds much better than forcing visitors into giving up their information unwillingly, a strategy that often doesn’t work and gets in the way of finding the people who do want to find you.

Engagement works because in real estate it’s about relationships. YOU build that relationship with your clients, and so does your website.

Why would you want a website that shoves you aside and hides you behind your brokerage, all the while promoting listings or random blogs that aren’t yours, that no one cares about?

Would you jump down someone’s throat asking for their business 10 seconds after meeting them?

Would you focus your entire sales approach around capturing the lead instead of closing the deal?

Then why should your website be any different?

You are your brand, but unfortunately you’re only one person. An engaging real estate website that allows you to AMPLIFY your online presence makes you 10x more referable than you already are.

Post a lot on Facebook? Imagine what your business could be like if your last 100 posts were coming from your website. That single property site, cool new listings from another agent, new restaurant opening, photos from community events, videos with helpful tips and more, all from your website.

Imagine your site, with custom content in one sleek SEO-friendly package, that sets you up to capture leads from Google as well.

Hot, gooey leads, fresh right out of the oven. Like mama used to make ‘em.

That’s what happens when you engage your customers the right way. You’ll never have to wonder again how much therapy you’ll have to endure after your next call because, finally, they want to talk to you.

Not connecting with the right people for your real estate business? Do something about it.

Let us help.

Posted & written by Kyle Draper on May 25th 2022
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