How to Solve The Realtor's Marketing Headache

How to Solve The Realtor's Marketing Headache
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It really isn't all that hard to find information on a home nowadays.

A quick google search will tell you just about everything you need to know about a property.

But that isn’t the issue.

The real problem is there’s no one to guide the buyer through to a successful ending. As it stands right now, real estate on the web is an unfinished bridge, built on shoddy support, complete with gaping holes to the depths below.

Imagine you’re a new buyer, or a buyer who hasn’t gone through the buying and selling process in a while. Where do you start? A Google search?

Do that, and you’re met with a smattering of links, page after page of all kinds of real estate spam sending your brain into overdrive. You click through each link in a hurried frenzy, trying to piece together everything you’re reading into a picture that makes sense.

But none of it makes sense.

Buyers researching real estate online get a tangled mess of something, but what that something is? Who knows.

See the problem? Online, real estate has become a fractured mess. The problem is case of absent storytellers, no guides to walk buyers through to the end of their stories. Buyers have all the info they’ll ever need, but finding someone to lead them down the right path? That’s another story.

That’s why the world needs realtors, and that's why realtors need effective marketing.

It's also the answer to this real estate “headache.”

Agent Impress can build you a web presence that makes sense, for everyone. It’s a guide for buyers and social proof to attract sellers. It’s a smarter way of marketing, and it’s the only way to do realtor marketing on the today’s web.

The top guys know that every action, every word, and every design choice makes a difference. Even if each decision makes just a fraction of a percentage difference, it all adds up, and that counts.

A great web presence takes work. You’ve got to keep your website running fast and working like it should, as well as keeping in mind SEO and how you are going to get your website out to the world. After all, what good is having a fantastic realtor website if no one sees it?

What’s more, you’ve got to do it right the first time. It’s much harder to take a step forward after taking three steps back, than it is to do things right the first time.

There’s two paths you can take. You can keep doing your realtor marketing the way it’s always been done (the way everyone else does it, the way that doesn’t work all that well), or you can do it the right way, a better way. It’s up to you which path you take;

But choose wisely.

Agent Impress knows the way.

Posted & written by Kyle Draper on July 29th 2016
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