5 Ways to Save Your Real Estate Career From Negativity.

5 Ways to Save Your Real Estate Career From Negativity.
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Negativity is contagious. If you’re not careful, it will infect everything in your life, including your work. Just scroll through Facebook and you’ll see it’s teeming with infected people. I’m sure you know of a few in your own life. It’s estimated that 6.6 percent of Americans are currently experiencing a major depressive episode.

The real estate industry isn’t immune, either. Work involving frequent or difficult interactions with the public or clients run the highest rates of depression.

Don’t become a negativity zombie. Inoculate yourself, and your real estate business, before it’s too late.

Here are 5 ways to block out negativity from your life, before it consumes you.

1. Put yourself on a media diet.

What you let into your head WILL seep out of your mouth.

Nothing kills a sale faster than a negative realtor. Clients can drain you, but the reverse is true as well. Guess what? You can’t wring clean water out of a dirty sponge.

Think about what you consume. What are you watching? What are you listening to? Are your nights filled with horror movies, Dateline NBC, and self-indulgent tv dramas?

Head off that sea of negativity before it finds its way to your gates. Watch shows with a positive message. Listen to upbeat music. Read things that inspire you to become a better person. Better yet, use that time to do something fun with your loved ones and reconnect with each other after a long day. I promise you’ll see results.

2. Re-evaluate your “five.”

Remember Jim Rohn? He said, “you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” Now think about who those five people are for you, and realize they can make you, or break you.

Take a look around and realize you may only ever be the worst of your “five.” Are you ok with that? Would you let those five control the trajectory of your life? If you’re not confident in the company you keep, it might be time to take a “friend-ventory.” Are there people you need to stop doing business with, or perhaps some you should do more with?

3. Turn off the news.

“But I have to watch the news. How will I stay informed?”

Be uninformed. It’s ok. Skip the 10 o’clock news and marvel at how wonderful you feel in the morning.

Nights are infinitely better without terrorist attacks, school shootings, teacher misconducts, and political scandals. It’s impossible to get fired up for tomorrow after a 30-minute video barrage of the world in flames. Seeing those stories don’t help you become a better parent, spouse, or business leader.

What’s more important: watching tragedy in HD, or being a better provider for you and your family?

Turn it off. Stop watching. If it’s that important, you’ll hear about it.

4. Think of social media as a tool, not a way of life.

Here’s a story for you:

This past November I took a 30-day social media vacation. As you may have guessed, I was not looking forward to it. I NEEDED social media for my business. How would I survive without it?

It changed my life. I turned off the noise, and the authentic voices became clear. Without social media, I had absolute control over everything that entered my mind. Life was better.

Not only did I end my phone addiction, but I brought my attention back to what matters most, my wife and kids. Free of social media, my family had once again become my greatest and best influence. It was the most refreshing month of my life, and I can’t wait to do it again.

Recognize social media for what it is: a tool. Does a carpenter spend all his free time with his hammer because it does its job well? Should you spend all your time on Instagram because it does a good job of delivering you pictures?

Misuse your tools and you’ll suffer the consequences.

A carpenter takes an ill-advised swing and breaks his thumb.

You take one-too-many scrolls through Instagram and end up with mental burn-out.

It’s true that social media can be a major boon to your real estate business, but don’t let it consume you. It’s just a tool. Think of it as such and you’ll waste less of the only thing scientists and explorers have yet to find more of: time.

5. Take a look in the mirror.

Take some time to look inside yourself and see what’s staring back. Meditation. Journaling. Prayer. Perhaps just quiet self-reflection.

Go to a quiet place where you can just be, and observe what bubbles up inside you.

Before bed, write about your day, and what you hope for tomorrow.

Give thanks and appreciate life. Don’t read, talk, think, or tweet. Just be.

Your spirit will amaze you when you take time to listen. Maybe there’s an awesome real estate venture it’s been itching to share with you? You never know until you pay attention.

Now go.

Incorporate these 5 things into your life and change will happen. When your perspective shifts for the better, you become better. And a better you does wonders for your family, your friends and your real estate career.

Posted & written by Kyle Draper on January 29th 2016
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