5 Things Buyers Desperately Need from Real Estate Agents Online.

5 Things Buyers Desperately Need from Real Estate Agents Online.
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3 Takeaways:

  • Buyers are looking for help with taking action, not more information.
  • Only 14 percent of buyers contacted the agent first before doing any research.
  • Your website should turn the momentum from the initial home research phase into real action.

The Internet has become central to the home-buying process, and real estate agents no longer seem to be the best resource for real estate knowledge.

Should agents be nervous?

For 42 percent of buyers, the first step in the process is spent online. In contrast, only 14 percent of buyers contact the agent first.

That said, buyers still need direction. Can real estate agents fill that need?

What Do Buyers Need?

Millennials do a lot of research. That’s important to know because buyers who use the internet for their home search spend twice as much time looking at homes than those who don’t. In contrast, boomers spend the most time researching through the agent.

But regardless of how they research, all buyers seem to be looking for one thing: guidance. They have tons of information, but need help getting through the home-buying process more than anything.

It’s evident now more than ever that people need realtors to help create action that leads to finding the right home.

Your Website Helps Guide and Push Momentum Forward.

Homebuyers want to make the right decision. That means you’ve got to do everything you can to maintain confidence in your buyers. In other words, use your website to keep the momentum alive.

Here are five things that foster momentum online and create action:

  • Create harmony between yourself and your online presence. Buyers already have all the “insider” information they’ll ever need. Turn that research into action on your website through helpful tools like photos, maps, and tours.

  • Fear keeps people from acting. Remove the unknown, give buyers the resources they need, and you’ll create action.

  • Use your website as an intersection between research and action. Buyers don’t need more generic information when they come to you; they want you to make that blog post they read last week reality.

  • Don’t inform just to inform. Use your online presence to create action and turn your website into one that keeps the momentum alive.

  • Momentum turns curiosity into action. Smooth out the process and you'll see success online.

Posted & written by Brad Storck on April 25th 2016
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