5 Secrets to Winning the Battle of Success

5 Secrets to Winning the Battle of Success
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We all face an adversary at one point or another. It could be a former friend, a former employer, or even a relative. However, the greatest enemy you’ll ever face is yourself.

You can’t change your situation, but you can change your attitude.

In my 33 years of life, I’ve learned that success is more about what’s going on in my head than anything else around me. With that said, I'm no master of the mind as I still struggle daily. Here's what I've learned in that struggle, along with some actions you can take going forward.

1: Serve Others.

We live in a selfish world, and everyone’s out for themselves. It’s all about me, me, me! Right?

This is a toxic attitude to have. Selfishness creates:

  • Disappointment
  • Frustration
  • Anger
  • Resentment
  • Anxiety
  • Depression

Woah! That’s a lot to deal with which, not surprisingly, creates a lot of unhappiness. What can you do about it?

Make every day about someone else. Do something selfless. Be nice to others just for the sake of it. If you do, you’ll always end up with a healthy attitude and positive mind.

Take action: Send an encouraging text, write someone a note, bring your spouse flowers (men like flowers, too!), etc.

2: Surround Yourself with the Right People.

Fact: the words of those around you determine the direction of your life. Who do you share your dreams with, and how do they respond? Who do you share your troubles with, and do they help you through them?

Toxic people produce toxic people. Don’t become a casualty of someone else’s attitude. If someone is always putting you down, should you sit there and take it? Or should you reevaluate the relationship and perhaps move onto someone more positive?

In the same sense, take a look in the mirror. What are your words doing for others? Are you adding to the lives of the people around you?

Take action: Start a book club with a few people that encourage you regularly. Call a certain friend on your drive home from work that you know is always encouraging. Tell the people that you love, “I love you.”

3: Let Go of the “Horizon Effect.”

Quite often we set goals we’ll never accomplish, in large part because we never look back at the ones we’ve already achieved. When we fall victim to the “Horizon Effect,” we get stuck looking only towards the goals we haven’t yet attained, and that can be discouraging. It’s like chasing the horizon, which if you’ve ever tried, is impossible.

This may sound counter-intuitive, but take a look behind you. You’ll notice you aren’t where you used to be. What does this mean? You’ve made progress! Enjoy the victories you never even knew you had.

Take action: Map your life back 12 months and celebrate the successes you had. Let those successes encourage your next step forward.

4: Manage Rejection.

Inc.com wrote a great blog on being positive. Here’s what they said about rejection:

“It is easy to get discouraged when unwelcomed events occur. The trick is to put them in perspective: Most will pass and become unimportant with time. It's easy to feel like a single failure or rejection is the end of the world, but it never is. In fact, setbacks often give you an opportunity to turn a rebuff into a win.”

Take action: Turn rejection into motivation. Be a constant learner. Why were you rejected? What can you improve on and get better at over time? Gary Vaynerchuk said, “The fear of losing trumps the excitement of victory for so many people.” Change your mindset, and welcome success.

5: Quit Making Reservations for Your Pity Party.

“Work like there is someone working 24 hours a day to take it away from you.” - Mark Cuban

No one is waiting for you. For every second you waste in self-loathing, someone else is beating you.

It’s a daily battle you have to face. If I’m busy having a pity party, someone else out there is hustling, working, and winning.

Take action: Have a PERSPECTIVE shift. If you can gain a different perspective, you’ll always win. Don’t give up, and especially don’t quit after one disappointment.

Don’t let your mind play tricks on you. Take action and keep working hard. Put a smile on your face, then make success happen. You’ve got this. Go do it.

Posted & written by Kyle Draper on February 17th 2016
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