4 Things About The Tiny Housing Market That May Surprise You.

4 Things About The Tiny Housing Market That May Surprise You.
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1. Demand For Tiny Homes Has Been Growing For Years.

Why has the tiny house market suddenly become so hot over the last few years? There are a few reasons, one obviously huge one being the housing market crash of 2008. The other reasons are not what you’d expect.

One underrated reason why tiny houses started taking off around 2010-2011 is because of the sudden exposure the movement had on YouTube and social media. Jay Shafer and others like him started making videos about building and living in tiny houses, stoking the flames of the movement that has since taken off. From those humble beginnings, we now see shows like Tiny House Hunters becoming more popular than ever before, adding to the downsizing movement that some believe is reaching its peak.

One other reason is the huge potential for rental properties. With the explosion of services like Airbnb, who specialize in renting out unique places for people to stay in, we’ll continue to see more and more tiny houses for rent. Most travelers don’t need huge spaces for the small amount of time they spend in one place, so a tiny house seems like the perfect solution to over-priced and inconveniently located hotels.

2. Who Buys a Tiny House, Anyway? Answer: the Young and the Old.

A good chunk of the people who buy, or are at least interested, in tiny houses are the very young and the very old: people without large families who are looking to save money, while still living full lives using only the space that they really need.

A smart investment? Tiny houses don’t seem to be going anywhere, and are becoming increasingly popular with those trying to live within or even below their means. Will we start seeing more tiny house developments and communities, and will the demand for tiny living last? No one knows for sure, but there are many who are willing to bet on it.

3. How Tiny is Tiny?

Tiny is tiny is tiny, right? Well hold on there. There are some distinctions that separate a tiny house just another run-of-the-mill small home.

A tiny house is generally thought of as under 400 square feet, and a small house is anything under 1000 feet. That means that, depending on the square footage of the home, that so-called “tiny-house” may not be so tiny after all.

Does it matter? Possibly. But any ordinary “small” home-owner may be out of luck if they were hoping to join in on the tiny house craze.

4. It’s Not Just Tiny “Homes.”

People are not only building tiny homes, but building tiny offices in their backyards. Not only that, but if you get away from the thought that tiny homes have to act just like a full time home, they become much more viable.

Instead of living in a tiny home full time, many people are using them as quaint summer homes, guest houses, or as a home base for couples and retirees who want to do a lot of traveling, without worrying about taking care of a huge property.

Imagine going on vacation without worrying about a paying a ton in rent or a mortgage, for a property you only live at a few months out of the year. Work from home? Make the separation between work and home life even easier, and get more done when you have to. It’s easy to see why a tiny home can work for some, even if it’s not for everyone.

Have you ever thought about jumping into the tiny-housing market, or have you already? Let us know!

Posted & written by Kyle Draper on March 3rd 2016
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